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After the sun and the heat, we have had some nice weather for ducks, with thunder and lightning earlier to herald the rain.

So, after a couple of months working on other projects the Benchmark DUCKS and flying back to Devon to get ready for the next part of our tour.

As a director there is always something exciting about going back to show after a break. Things change and the company's understanding and relationship to the play deepens. David Mamet's text is playful and witty, but it also suggests the depth of experience each character has lived through to reach their seat on the bench overlooking the lake. Each man might have lost a partner, suffered isolation or illness, but in each moment of the play they live and battle and banter with utter joy in the communication.

As I walk around town delivering our publicity and generally spreading the word to our potential audience, I keep the energy and passion of the characters and the skill of the cast bubbling with the possibilities of what will be shared in our next meetings to rehearse and play and delight and provoke each other and all those who come to see the show!

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