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Here we are in June 2023 and the Fringe Festival season is fast approaching. Duck Variations launched at Cygnet Theatre in Exeter almost a year ago and we start our 2023 tour there again, "at home", before heading off to Barnstaple and Shaftesbury at the end of June and July respectively.

I love returning to a play and exploring the new possibilities which life and personal growth bring to the process of rehearsal. There is always something new to find; a nuance which sheds new light on a moment or a relationship; a simplification which tells the story more directly; a shift of tempo or rhythm which draws out the humour or pathos of a moment.

Each time we have met over the past couple of months the Marks (Cassidy and Shorto) have brought playful wisdom and creativity to bear on their interpretation of Emil and George; digging into intentions, actions and needs with fresh eyes; allowing the characters' inner lives to blossom and deepen; and trusting that the moment is played freshly and truthfully each time as if for the first time.

New tour + new focus = fresh vision!

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